Stanardsville Area Revitalization (*STAR*) is dedicated to restoring economic vitality to Greene’s historic county seat, through physical improvements and by attracting new business and housing in and around the Town.  With grant funds awarded by VDOT, it is spearheading a major revitalization project to rebuild the sidewalk network in Town and enhance the attractiveness of Main Street.  Phase I of those streetscape improvements was completed in 2013, and the Town was awarded additional grant funds for Phase II to extend the new sidewalks to the shopping center on the west and to the pharmacy on the east.  Construction of Phase II has been delayed for several reasons, but is now expected to begin in fall 2021.

*STAR* managed implementation of the Town’s $1 million grant award from the Department of Housing and Community Development to restore the facades of historic buildings on Main Street and the William Mills House behind the library, upgrade low-income apartments, and construct a pavilion and performance stage behind the County Administration building.  Those grant projects are now completed.

*STAR* also helps promote local businesses by assisting the Town on such issues as restricting through tractor-trailer traffic on Main Street.  The  organization is also involved in many community activities to build community spirit, promote safety for residents and visitors, and encourage continued support of its efforts to restore the area’s economic health.

*STAR*’s Board of Directors includes local business owners, members of the public, and representatives of the Town of Stanardsville, Greene County, the Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Authority, and the Greene County Historical Society. Roy Dye, Executive Director of *STAR*, can be reached at 434-409-5796 or

Our goal is to help Stanardsville attract interesting specialty shops, restaurants, service businesses, cultural facilities and other attractions, to both serve the local community and encourage tourists to visit the Stanardsville area, gateway to the Blue Ridge and centrally located to many tourist attractions

Board of Directors – 2021

The Board of Directors of Stanardsville Area Revitalization includes six ex officio directors appointed by local government and nonprofit organizations, four directors elected by the board, and three directors who chair standing committees.  There are two vacancies.

Ex Officio
Bill Martin – Board of Supervisors
Gary Lowe – Town of Stanardsville
Alan Yost– Economic Development Authority
Michael Payne – Economic Development Authority
Marianne Shepard – Chamber of Commerce
Joann Powell – Historical Society

Standing Committee Chairs
Carl Schmitt – Planning and Economic Development
Vacant – Design and Implementation
Vacant – Organization and Promotion

At Large

Betty Ruppert
Tom Dean
Paul Harrington
Don Pamemter


President / Treasurer – Don Pamenter
Vice President – Betty Ruppert
Secretary – Gary Lowe

Executive Director – Roy Dye