Supporter Update – December 2021

Dear STAR Supporters,

We hope that this update finds you and your loved ones well, despite the pandemic, and looking forward to better times in 2022.  Won’t it be a great joy if, this time next year, we are finished with the pandemic and the multiple difficulties it has brought!

For those who have been to Stanardsville in recent weeks, you will have noticed that there is construction work in progress.  Hopefuly, it has not caused youtoo much inconvenience.  There are actually two projects underway.

The streetscape project to create sidewalks and improved lighting on the north side of Main Street is finally becoming a reality, after many years of planning, fundraising, and regulatory approvals.  This will allow people to walk to Greene Pharmacy on the east and to the shopping center on the west, while also enjoying our wonderful historic properties,

To our delight, RSA decided to use the same contractor to make long-needed repairs and replacements of failing and inadequate sewer lines.  Local homes and Mitchell Creek will benefit. This project expanded the construction activity and potential delays.

As many of you know, the process delays resulted in huge cost increases during 2020, creating fundraising challenges even beyond the required match of more than $300,000.  We are thankful that so many individuals, local groups, businesses, charitable foundations, and local government entities came to our rescue and made it possible.  We hope you enjoy the result.

Greene Commons Farmers Market and Entertainment Venue enjoyed another good year.  Most Saturdays the market had more vendors than last year and a greater variety of offerings.  More customers came to shop and talk with friends, despite the continuing pandemic concerns.  We also had four concerts on the stage.  The Holiday Markets in November were a joy.

We are delighted that Ellen Schrock, formerly of the Donut Kitchen, will be working with Judy Berger to make the market an even greater gathering spot to meet old friends and make new ones.  More vendors, events, market music, and concerts are planned for 2022.

Judy has obtained several grants that will further enhance Greene Commons and allow us to extend the season for the Farmers Market.  We will be making the pavilion an all-season venue and erecting an attractive wood safety fence beside the road.  She is also locating additional vendors who will introduce more excellent products.  We plan to extend our ‘draw’ so that it becomes a true Regional Market.

In 2022, *STAR* will focu on attracting more businesses to Stanardsville, to meet local needs and entice visitors to enjoy the town.  We have been talking with Greene residents to identify their ideas and would very much appreciate yours.  Call Roy or me or send us an email.  We also hope to have a public meeting next year to explore ideas.

The restoration of the 1840 William Mills House (on the hill behind the library), one of the town’s most historic buildings, continues.  It has been slower than we had hoped, but we are thankful that the owners are committed to making it an attractive landmark once again.

Meanwhile, the even older ‘toll house’ next to the pharmacy is becoming a new landmark as Gary Lowe incorporates it  into his lovely new home that complements the original cottage and uses many of the materials from its former appendages.

We thank you for your continued support.  It has enabled us to raise the match for the VDOT streetscape grant and largely fund the project cost increases.  With this and the cancellation of our annual fundraising golf tournament, we have had to rely heavily onon Town funding of our operating cots.  This is greatly appreciated.  In 2022 we hope to return to more of our independent funding.  We hope you will help.

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas, holiday season, and happy New Year.  Enjoy the beautiful holiday lights on the lampposts in town when you pass through in the evening.

Don Pamenter 990-1958,

Roy Dye 409-5796,

Mail address: *STAR*, P.O. Box 838, Stanardsville, VA 22973